Screen Grabber™

Screen Grabber™ Screen Shot

Screen Grabber™ Screen Shot

Screen Grabber™ 3.0 is the solution to your screen capture needs. Have you ever used a program and needed to print the contents of your computer’s screen but were unable to? Screen Grabber™ makes this incredibly easy to do.

New Features in Version 3.0

  • Keep multiple captured images open at one time.
  • Crop captured images to print or save only the portion of the screen you want.
  • Save files in nine different formats, including popular formats like JPEG, GIF, and PNG.
  • Advanced image editing tools are now built in.
  • Enhanced user interface, including an all new toolbar.
  • Zoom in/out on a captured screen image.
  • And much more … download Screen Grabber™ 3.0 today to see for yourself.

Main Features

  • Print your Full Screen using the PrintScreen key on your PC keyboard.
  • Print the Active Window using the Alt-PrintScreen keys.
  • Save any screen or window image on your hard drive (now in nine format options).
  • Copy screen images to the Windows clipboard.
  • Print MS-DOS session screens running under Windows.

Who makes use of the features that Screen Grabber™ offers?

  • Accountants use Screen Grabber™ to print screens from their accounting software.
  • Technical writers use Screen Grabber™ to obtain screen images to include in software documentation or to use in web sites.
  • Anyone wishing to save time printing the contents of their screen will LOVE Screen Grabber™.

$29.95 per license

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