Screen Grabber™

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Screen Grabber™ Screen Shot

Screen Grabber™ Screen Shot

Screen Grabber™ 3.0 is the solution to your screen capture needs. Have you ever used a program and needed to print the contents of your computer’s screen but were unable to? Screen Grabber™ makes this incredibly easy to do.

New Features in Version 3.0

  • Keep multiple captured images open at one time.
  • Crop captured images to print or save only the portion of the screen you want.
  • Save files in nine different formats, including popular formats like JPEG, GIF, and PNG.
  • Advanced image editing tools are now built in.
  • Enhanced user interface, including an all new toolbar.
  • Zoom in/out on a captured screen image.
  • And much more … download Screen Grabber™ 3.0 today to see for yourself.

Main Features

  • Print your Full Screen using the PrintScreen key on your PC keyboard.
  • Print the Active Window using the Alt-PrintScreen keys.
  • Save any screen or window image on your hard drive (now in nine format options).
  • Copy screen images to the Windows clipboard.
  • Print MS-DOS session screens running under Windows.

Who makes use of the features that Screen Grabber™ offers?

  • Accountants use Screen Grabber™ to print screens from their accounting software.
  • Technical writers use Screen Grabber™ to obtain screen images to include in software documentation or to use in web sites.
  • Anyone wishing to save time printing the contents of their screen will LOVE Screen Grabber™.

$29.95 per license

Purchase Download

GeoWell Editor™

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GeoWell Editor™ Screen Shot

GeoWell Editor™ Screen Shot

The GeoWell Editor™ is a stand-alone editor that simplifies the production of GEO_WELL data files for submission to California’s GeoTracker system.  GeoWell Editor™ handles the tedious aspects of formatting data files and of providing data entry validation.  It does this by providing data entry validation and eliminating the need for you to manually export data to the specific format required by the GeoTracker system.

The GeoWell Editor™ is free.  You can download GeoWell Editor™ by visiting our download page.

Well Logger™

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Well Logger™ enables you to easily create soil boring logs and well construction diagrams.  It boasts a simple, yet robust, user interface that features customizable layouts, user-definable fill patterns, adjustable scaling, and print preview.

Well Logger™ Lithology Entry

Well Logger™ Lithology Entry

One of Well Logger’s™ strongest selling points is its simplicity … it was designed from the ground up to be an easy way for environmental and geotechnical consultants to create report-quality drafted soil boring logs.  Because of its designed simplicity, Well Logger™ can produce your boring and well logs in half the time of traditional CAD style programs (this can save you money in the long run).  Project geologists and engineers can use Well Logger™ on a laptop at the work site to quickly complete necessary documentation — usually during available drilling downtime.

Simper User Interface

Well Logger™ was designed to be easy-to-use. The software interface is designed to be simple, yet very functional, which means it takes you less time to create a drafted boring log. Well Logger™ features an easy-to-use spreadsheet interface with drop-down boxes for simplifying data entry of each borehole. Entry information includes borehole lithology, samples collected, well construction or borehole backfilling details, and general information about the project and boring.

User-Definable Print Layouts

Well Logger™ features the ability for the user to create customized layouts for use with virtually any printer. Several pre-defined layouts are also included to get you started quickly.

Well Logger™ Print Preview Screen

Well Logger™ Print Preview Screen

User-Definable Fill Patterns

Well Logger™ allows the user to create or modify fill patterns for lithology, sample type, and well construction graphics. Unified Soil Classification System (USCS) and other geological and industrial fill patterns are included.

Program Variables

Over 70 variables (e.g., Page Number, Total Depth, Project Supervisor, etc.) can be included in the page layouts that you create.

User-Definable Columns

Ten user-definable columns are available for including geotechnical properties, chemical concentrations, or other characteristics of soil samples.

$299.00 per license

Purchase Download


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    Well Logger™

    Well Logger™ makes your job of drafting soil boring logs and well construction diagrams much easier. Well Logger™ is an excellent tool for geologists, civil engineers, environmental consultants, and CAD professionals.  Learn More Download Purchase

    GeoWell Editor™

    GeoWell Editor™ is a utility application that simplifies the creation of GEO_WELL data files for submission to California's GeoTracker database. GeoWell Editor™ is a big improvement over the default process of repeatedly editing and zipping text files.  Learn More Download


    Congratulations on developing the real McCoy. Others claim simplicity and ease-of-use. Well Logger delivers!
    Tom L., California Professional Geologist
    Hands down, Well Logger is clearly the easiest and most straight forward to generate borehole and well logs. Using Well Logger, I was able to create and print a borehole log in 10 minutes, the very first try!
    Tom L., California Professional Geologist
    It worked! That is what I call support!!!
    Harold C.
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