How do I change the company name on my log from the default, “Quality Consultants”?

There are two ways that your company name can be represented on a log: as text or as part of a graphic logo/file. If you are using logs that show the company name as text only, without a graphic logo, then do the following: select Edit > Preferences from within Well Logger and make edits on the “Company” tab.

The Well Logger™ Manual and help file both explain how to change a graphic logo. See the Graphic Entry topic in the help file, specifically, by pressing F1 from within Well Logger. If your graphic logo file is stored in the same directory as the Well Logger layout files, then typing just the graphic file name should be fine (e.g., “logo.bmp” [assuming that is the file name for your logo graphic]). However, if your logo file is located somewhere else on your hard drive, then you should type in the full file path (e.g., “c:\myfiles\logo.bmp”).

Is there a Well Logger™ manual available?

There is a Well Logger™ manual available for version 2.8. You can download it here. Since Well Logger™ version 3.0, updates in documentation are made to the online help file only, which you can access by pressing F1 from within Well Logger™.

Where can I download an older version of Well Logger™?

The final Well Logger 2.x release (version 2.8.3) can be downloaded by clicking here.